Bose quiet comfort 35 review


The first thing that i notice is the feeling of being cleansed from noise. Not hearing the ventilation. Not hearing the high pitch from electric appliances. Not hearing, just feeling, the roar of jet engines while I’m flying. Just silence. Putting these headphones on makes me calm and more relaxed.

Other people have the same experience and tells me how amazing this feels. Seeing there eyes bulge “What!?? That can’t be true!”. To stop hearing noise like that changes everything.

I try to wear the headphones as much as I can. Working and commuting. There is a problem outdoors since wind can be heard quite loud (but not louder than my usual Apple headset so for me it’s not a big problem) and I can imagine others having a problem with that. I consider it a minor issue. These headphones are optimized for use in a office or commuting.

I have had three wireless noise cancelling headphones before this one and this is the best yet. Especially the microphones are better than the others making it a delightful headset. To me the music in these headphones sound just right. I’ve had noise cancelling headphones with more treble or base but not with this balance. I like it.

Yes, they are expensive. But hey, you get what you pay for right?

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