Hyundai Ioniq Electric

It’s been a month since I leased a Hyundai Ioniq Electric and it’s been a REALLY nice ride!

A couple of years ago I read an article about electric cars and their efficiency and thought, this is it! Why aren’t there more electric cars? The answer was obvious. Batteries. To expensive and down right inadequate.

Today this has changed to a point of no return. This is the age of the electric car. Not everybody has understood yet. Some still loves the roar of an engine. All that must change if we want a world to live in.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric is not the optimal car but considering the price and overall usability it is close. I’m leasing it for three years because I suspect the electric cars in three years will be a totally different breed. Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a very good electric car right now, considering economy and usability.

I will return to my driving experiences on this blog. Driving experiences together with pros and cons. For now I will just share some of my thoughts.

Range anxiety

The car travels about 210 km on a full change. Using 1.35 kWh per kilometer. that is pretty good and in my driving I seldom need more range. Still, it has been quite a different thing driving because I tend to thinking about range limitations all the time. In a fossil car you just fill her up and be done with it. This is completely different in a electric car. You find yourself looking for change stations all the time. It’s kind of a sport. And to stop and charge for a half hour and listen to a book och something is quite soothing. Take time and not hurry. As you can understand I’m not a commuter. I travel of other reasons.

To sum it up. I haven’t had range anxiety. Not yet.


We choose black. It comes with nice copper details. The car is super streamlined. LED lights gives a sober and cool look. I love it!


The interior of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is more or less like any other high tech automatic fossil car. It looks and handles like you are used to. My wife loves the car. We have talked about it and we both feel that the car is friendly. We can’t explain it better than that. It’s a friendly car we love to drive. Giving us a helping hand all the time.

Lots of buttons and a good bluetooth integration with our phones. I’m getting a iPhone X soon and I am so looking forward to use the wireless charging in the car. I started to use the CarPlay option but decided against it. The normal interface together with the touch screen is good enough.


I chose PremiumEco. This is a pretty good setup but lacking electric adjustable driver seat, leather seating and backseat heating.

Not a problem. Everything I need is there.


This is a pretty fast car. I had a diesel BMW with more horse power but I must say I don’t miss it. The acceleration is enough. It seems like I’m driving in a new way. Using the regenerative braking does something to my mind. I tend to strive to perfecting my driving to not use brakes. A contest of some kind.

There is enough performance to keep me and my companions safe.


The charging in Sweden really need to get better! There are not nearly as many och as fast charging stations as I need. This must change.


Just a couple of word about efficiency. My former fossil car BMW used 0.6 liter/100 km. That is a pretty good efficiency. But if you translate that to kWh it is depressing. One liter of petrol is the same as 8.9 kWh. My old car needed 5.3 kWh to travel 100 km and my Hyundai Ioniq Electric uses 1.35 kWh to travel 100 km.

All this time we have been wasting energy on a massive scale just to travel to where we are going. THAT is depressing.


This is my first electric car but not the last. I really like my Hyundai Ioniq Electric!