I love Elon Musk

First of all, I have never met Elon Musk and I don’t know how Elon treats people.

Nonetheless, I love his message och actions. What they do at Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City is just right.  I really, really want Elon to succeed. His visions for the future makes me believe in mankind again.

With Tesla Elon has started to eradicate the combustion engine and at the same time keeping the freedom cars give us all and combating global warming. Next step is automatic driving. Perfect, in my opinion. I love the sensation of driving but it can be achieved in other ways.

SpaceX gives me goosebumps. SpaceX gives me hope that I will som day experience the future I have always dreamed about. Spaceships traveling space. Giving new possibilities and opportunities. Building better worlds. Exciting.

I’m currently living in an apartment but with solar power and appropriate batteries I could soon be owning a house again and be self sufficient on electricity. Fantastic!

I really hope Elon makes it. And succeed in keeping the dark forces of the world (oil industries, power-hungry men) at bay while he makes the world a better place.

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Arbetar som verksamhetsutvecklare och webmaster. Golf är absolut nödvändigt så att jag inte sitter inne hela dagarna. Har bytt från PC till Mac och vill aldrig gå tillbaka. Min sida kommer att innehålla det som jag reagerar på och vill uttrycka min åsikt om.

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