My first day with Apple Watch

Two days ago I bought a Apple Watch Sport 42mm with a white wristband.


 Yesterday I was using the watch all day and I was pleasantly surprised. Figuring out the different settings, notices and glances took a while but now it’s simple to understand. I found it access to apps troublesome at first but after fiddling around a bit I understood the crown better. Forced touch also was a bit weird at first. I really like the interface now.

I have old eyes that gives my somewhat blurry vision at close range. Cranking up the light helped.

The health app prompted me to give personal information to be able to help me understand my activities during the day. I have no problem with that since it is under my control. I believe the data don’t leave my Apple device  unless I want it to. It’s a big difference for me. Tracking my activities gave me valuable information and I expect that to be the most used app.

I tried Siri in Swedish and I’m impressed. Speech recognition has come a long way. It’s cool to be able to talk and be heard by the computer. I really love it och can’t wait to be able to ask more questions och request actions, it’s not easy to know that Siri is capable of.

Dictating messages using Siri is really useful! I have yet to discover how to start a phone call on the Watch and talk through the phone headset.

Battery time was excellent. 71% remaining at bed time.

In all a really good experience during my first day with Apple Watch! Next week I will review a whole week with Apple Watch. Then a month and year review. I’ll be back!

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