My first six month with Apple Watch

I’m getting used to wearing Apple Watch. To the point of feeling naked without it.

Notifications, activities and weather are my most used apps. Notifications can be overwhelming if not regulated. For me, the solution was to limit notifications to one news app (SVT), mail and SMS. This is the ideal setup for me. Not to much and not to little.

I have had a nice experience with Maps driving and getting directions on the Apple Watch. At first it was a little annoying getting tapped on the wrist at every turn but eventually it felt like a good thing.

Battery life has been good enough. I recharge every night av approximately 65% remaining battery life.

Speaking with Siri can be difficult since the microphone catches not only my voice but everything as well. A better microphone trained to search och hear my voice is needed.

That aside I try to use Siri more. It’s easier to send a message using Siri. For me this is a killer app if only Siri could hear and understand me better. I guess it is a matter of time before this happens.

I sometimes think the messages i receive could be in bigger letters. I have old eyes which means I have difficulties seeing small letters. Messages could show the message in bigger letters instead of showing big symbols and headings. I have told the clock to make bigger letters but it is not enough. Please Apple, do something about that!

Overall I’m satisfied. I want my Apple Watch!

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Arbetar som verksamhetsutvecklare och webmaster. Golf är absolut nödvändigt så att jag inte sitter inne hela dagarna. Har bytt från PC till Mac och vill aldrig gå tillbaka. Min sida kommer att innehålla det som jag reagerar på och vill uttrycka min åsikt om.

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