Tesla model 3, I can’t wait!

I have always been a tech guy. Since I was little science och science fiction has been promising me a better future. I will not let go of that dream. Using technology to change things to the better. Creating a better world for all of us.


I think Tesla is part of a better future. Putting the car in a future perspective. The car has always been more than a way to get from A to B. It’s always been a vehicle (!) of dreams. Get going somewhere in life. Let’s do that in a somewhat more nature friendly way!

Tesla model 3 is my next car. I hope Elon Musk works it out and manages to handle the lobby created by competing car manufacturers trying to make him unsuccessful.

It’s so obvious to me that the old industry behind the petrol och diesel car is obstructing the coming of the electric car. They have all the money but I hope they don’t win. Hydrogen cars is just not right, it takes more power to create hydrogen than is put out! Batteries keep getting cheaper, solar power is getting cheaper and it’s time. Time to change.

Come on Elon! You can make it!

Adam Driver surprises me

Yesterday I saw a TED by accident. It was Adam Driver telling his story.

I first saw Adam Driver in Girls, me like many other. His character in the series made me think he would never to become more than a Girls character.

Then I saw him in the Star Wars movie and he kind of grew on me. I could really see both the light and the darkness in his character. I could relate to it. Great acting.

From that moment on I wanted to see more of Adam Driver och this video helped me to get at better understanding. To me his story makes sense and he is a great storyteller. Not surprisingly!

The surprise has to do with his way of speaking. When he speaks it’s like he is waiting for us, the audience, to catch up. He’s waiting for a rapport, did they get it? What I’m saying? Can I move on? Because he is already somewhere else in his mind. Fascinating stuff.

His TED ends with the monolog “I’m not Batman” performed by Marco Ramirez. The monolog starts out not very interesting but as with all good art it catches my attention. A really great performance and message.

I can really recommend the video to anyone. I was not expecting much but it was really good.

The Macbook is just the right size!

Last week I bought a Macbook. I was worried that the keyboard was not good enough but boy was I wrong!

The weight and performance is just right and suits me perfectly. It’s not a powerhouse but checking mail, surfing the web and using Pages and Numbers doesn’t need much to work. Because of the weight I can carry the Macbook with me and not be bothered about it.

Typing is fluent and it is much more easy than I thought. I can type much faster than before. I feel I don’t have to wait for the character to materialize on the screen. But it’s a big difference and using keyboards on my work PC feel somewhat difficult, missing characters.

MacOS Sierra is marvelous. Using my Apple Watch to log in feels just right. I find myself talking to Siri more often now, even om my iPhone. Learning new tricks all the time. Apple support on Twitter is a great source of information. There is so much possibilities!

Being in the Apple universe is simply amazing. It just works.