Paying like a machine

It’s interesting what easy automated payment including mobile payment does to peoples minds.

Being able to use and pay for services with a minimal friction makes us all the perfect consumer and at the same time giving us the advantage of transparent costs. I can always choose another service at a cheaper price.

At the same time I notice my tendency to buy more, without much thinking. It’s so easy. There is another thing about minimal friction, me not giving enough attention to what service  I’m using and just keep on paying a monthly fee. This behavior is not very smart but convenient. I can stop paying at any time but the company offering the service knows that I most often don’t.

In my view, this is a good thing when services are becoming more and more automated with minimal human “hands on” like automated cars. I don’t feel bad about paying the least amount for that service. No human getting hurt in the process.

But what about wage slaves? People being used by other people because they are vulnerable with no education and being poor. I don’t what to contribute to that. I just have to try harder to see through the curtains. See what’s happening. Transparency is important. And I think automated services can give more transparency and I think we all could benefit by using transparent automated services where the whole process från beginning to end is known by everybody using it.

Automated payment need automated services.

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