The Macbook is just the right size!

Last week I bought a Macbook. I was worried that the keyboard was not good enough but boy was I wrong!

The weight and performance is just right and suits me perfectly. It’s not a powerhouse but checking mail, surfing the web and using Pages and Numbers doesn’t need much to work. Because of the weight I can carry the Macbook with me and not be bothered about it.

Typing is fluent and it is much more easy than I thought. I can type much faster than before. I feel I don’t have to wait for the character to materialize on the screen. But it’s a big difference and using keyboards on my work PC feel somewhat difficult, missing characters.

MacOS Sierra is marvelous. Using my Apple Watch to log in feels just right. I find myself talking to Siri more often now, even om my iPhone. Learning new tricks all the time. Apple support on Twitter is a great source of information. There is so much possibilities!

Being in the Apple universe is simply amazing. It just works.

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Arbetar som verksamhetsutvecklare och webmaster. Golf är absolut nödvändigt så att jag inte sitter inne hela dagarna. Har bytt från PC till Mac och vill aldrig gå tillbaka. Min sida kommer att innehålla det som jag reagerar på och vill uttrycka min åsikt om.

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