Tired of the world

I’m growing more and more tired of the world I live in.

In a way the world is better than ever. In another it has all the ingredients to be worse than ever. Turning peoples lives into a great mess. I wonder if it is just like it has always been? Just me knowing more about everything?

In my day to day I try to keep on believing good about people and I am blessed that way, I thing. Being able to surround myself with good people. Then, there is times when I met people with narrow minds. Ignorant. Knowing nothing and feeling good about them selfs. It’s difficult to see peoples equal value these times. I just have to try harder these times.

Then again. We all have each other. Whether we like it or not. Like my daughter says; “why do people always blame everybody else about what’s bad. Why not try to do the best in the current circumstances?”. Logical girl, forgetting people is driven by feelings, not logic. Feeling something is wrong but not imagining themselves to be a part of the problem.

I wish we had a robot government ruling the world. Transparent. Righteous. Non biased. Driven by logic. Ruling the world, programmed with the human rights as it’s guiding light. Investing the world wealth, distributing it to the people and keeping track of the economy with “Gross World Happiness”. Instead of GDP of the nations.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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Arbetar som verksamhetsutvecklare och webmaster. Golf är absolut nödvändigt så att jag inte sitter inne hela dagarna. Har bytt från PC till Mac och vill aldrig gå tillbaka. Min sida kommer att innehålla det som jag reagerar på och vill uttrycka min åsikt om.

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