I love my AirPods!

I bought my AirPods a month ago and they work like I expected. Brilliant.

I wanted to get rid of the wires and have the same form factor as before. The EarPods work just fine in my ears as you can se below.

I really love the way they fit in my ears and gives me hours of music without any uncomfortable feeling in my ears.

AirPods also feels more sturdy and the sound is better. The sound gets more body due to better lower register in the speakers. More balanced. I have dropped them a couple of times, getting them out of the case, but they seem to stand abuse in a good way. They have never fallen out of my ears.

Bluetooth pairing

AirPods and iPhone pairing is really simple. Just put them next to each other and open the case lid. Thats it! It just works. And at the same time all my other Apple products (iMac, Macbook, iPad) pairs with the AirPods. Its kind of magic to me but at the same time what I expect from Apple.

Something odd happened when I paired the AirPods. At night my iWatch and iPhone dropped all battery in a very short time and I had to reboot and recharge both but after that everything has been fine. It has not happened again.

AirPods + iWatch = Perfect match!

At first I was trying to control the music like I was used to. EarPods offer simple buttons and AirPods don’t. I realized that using iWatch to control the music was the best solution. Volume control is better on the iWatch. Turning the crown to adjust volume in a more controlled way. Nowadays I’m not missing the old EarPods control buttons.

Battery life

I have been using the AirPods everyday since I bought them and battery has been running out on me just a couple of times. I use them going to work and during work in the morning and put them in the case during lunch. Then I use them in the afternoon as well. There might be people using the AirPods differently but for me it just works. Once I got the low battery signal going home from work and then I put the AirPods in the case for 5 minutes and after that I could put them on again and used them for another hour or so.

I have added the battery widget to the iPhone start menu and it is just there if I need to know the battery level. Brilliant!

Dropping connection

I have experienced connectivity problems between AirPods and iPhone. Sound drop outs. It repairs automatically within a second but can be annoying. It doesn’t happen a lot. I have the same intermittent problem with my Bose QC35. I suppose it has something to do with Bluetooth protocol.

Siri integration

At first I used to double tap to tell Siri something but I stopped within a couple of days. Siri took to long time to react and I never knew if Siri heard my command. Especially in a noisy environment. Now I use the double tap to put the music on or off. Instead I call Siri using my iWatch or iPhone and it works much better.

There needs to be major improvement to this feature.


It is obvious that this is the first generation of AirPods. The next generation will have better Siri integration, more reliable Bluetooth connectivity and battery life.    To me this is a natural and essential companion to iPhone and iWatch.


The Macbook is just the right size!

Last week I bought a Macbook. I was worried that the keyboard was not good enough but boy was I wrong!

The weight and performance is just right and suits me perfectly. It’s not a powerhouse but checking mail, surfing the web and using Pages and Numbers doesn’t need much to work. Because of the weight I can carry the Macbook with me and not be bothered about it.

Typing is fluent and it is much more easy than I thought. I can type much faster than before. I feel I don’t have to wait for the character to materialize on the screen. But it’s a big difference and using keyboards on my work PC feel somewhat difficult, missing characters.

MacOS Sierra is marvelous. Using my Apple Watch to log in feels just right. I find myself talking to Siri more often now, even om my iPhone. Learning new tricks all the time. Apple support on Twitter is a great source of information. There is so much possibilities!

Being in the Apple universe is simply amazing. It just works.

Why is everybody so unhappy with iPad Pro?

Ever since I was a little boy my wish list contained a sort of magic machinery  giving me a view into the world, entertaining my curiosity.

I think iPad Pro finally is delivering some kind of answer to that wish. Giving me the ability to view amazing photos and read stories from the world. Combined with a ability to play all of the games I like.

The size of iPad Pro is just right. I have always thought 9.7″ is not enough. The size of a paper (A4) is just det right size for everything. I will never write on my iPad Pro. I need a proper keyboard for that.


It’s a given that the weight is a bit to much but the times this bothers me I force myself to think of the ability of the iPad Pro. Not more than the original iPad. Just 5 years later this is possible. Simply amazing.

Thank you, Apple. This is my most used iPad so far and I have had them all. Now I’m looking forward to my Apple VR glasses controlled by Siri. Maybe next year?