Our brain is working against us

In our time of polarisation and odd election results it’s important to understand that our brains disposition is working against us. Watch the attached movie.

After watching the movie I can’t stop thinking about the increasing social media visual impact. More and more pictures and video is adding bricks to the wall surrounding mine and others virtual reality composed by the brain.

It’s important to want and have the capability to see through and open the wall to understand in what way I can make a difference and make the world a better place, to me and others. The real problem is that everybody needs to do this. I will try.

I love Elon Musk

First of all, I have never met Elon Musk and I don’t know how Elon treats people.

Nonetheless, I love his message och actions. What they do at Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City is just right.  I really, really want Elon to succeed. His visions for the future makes me believe in mankind again.

With Tesla Elon has started to eradicate the combustion engine and at the same time keeping the freedom cars give us all and combating global warming. Next step is automatic driving. Perfect, in my opinion. I love the sensation of driving but it can be achieved in other ways.

SpaceX gives me goosebumps. SpaceX gives me hope that I will som day experience the future I have always dreamed about. Spaceships traveling space. Giving new possibilities and opportunities. Building better worlds. Exciting.

I’m currently living in an apartment but with solar power and appropriate batteries I could soon be owning a house again and be self sufficient on electricity. Fantastic!

I really hope Elon makes it. And succeed in keeping the dark forces of the world (oil industries, power-hungry men) at bay while he makes the world a better place.

Tired of the world

I’m growing more and more tired of the world I live in.

In a way the world is better than ever. In another it has all the ingredients to be worse than ever. Turning peoples lives into a great mess. I wonder if it is just like it has always been? Just me knowing more about everything?

In my day to day I try to keep on believing good about people and I am blessed that way, I thing. Being able to surround myself with good people. Then, there is times when I met people with narrow minds. Ignorant. Knowing nothing and feeling good about them selfs. It’s difficult to see peoples equal value these times. I just have to try harder these times.

Then again. We all have each other. Whether we like it or not. Like my daughter says; “why do people always blame everybody else about what’s bad. Why not try to do the best in the current circumstances?”. Logical girl, forgetting people is driven by feelings, not logic. Feeling something is wrong but not imagining themselves to be a part of the problem.

I wish we had a robot government ruling the world. Transparent. Righteous. Non biased. Driven by logic. Ruling the world, programmed with the human rights as it’s guiding light. Investing the world wealth, distributing it to the people and keeping track of the economy with “Gross World Happiness”. Instead of GDP of the nations.

Wouldn’t that be something?