This is the iPhone Steve Jobs envisioned

Recently I bought the iPhone 7.

It literally is the best iPhone yet. In fact, I believe this to be the iPhone Steve Jobs envisioned in 2007 but was not able to manufacture. Really fast, gorgeous looking and with all the apps imaginable.

Then what comes next? Everybody has been copying the iPhone and there can be just minor improvements from now on. The vision is accomplished. Someone needs to do have a new vision that everyone instantly want and finally need. A new paradigm shift.

I believe this to be something completely different and not a phone. It’s something I bring with me everywhere. Using all the time for everything in my digital life. Containing my digital clone, the digital me.

I would want digital sensors, screens in different sizes available om demand, analog interfaces (voice, hands, eyes and other senses) to digital devices and a secure me space of my own. To be in control of my digital life. No friction. Just working.  I suppose I want to keep my analog me, for now. Maybe digital and analog can’t be divided in the future.

iPhone 7 is a perfect computer but I demand more. It’s difficult to describe what I mean. I suppose thats why nobody is replacing the iPhone vision with something else. God knows people have tried.

I believe this new vision will be defined by AI in a near future. When the machines knows everything there is to know and starts to make their own knowledge. Combining all possible human knowledge into a new description of the world we live in.

Next year is the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone and all the tech editors are expecting a brand new thing called iPhone 8. There will most certainly be one but only slightly better than iPhone 7. And that is fine. I will buy that too. But the tech editors will be disappointed and will go on talking about not interesting things like old technology that has been removed in favor of new technology. I’m so tired of that.

I love iPhone 7!

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